Pampas Plains Steak

Pampas Plains Steak


Steak lovers out there will be delighted to know that naturally reared, grass-fed Argentine beef is available to purchase online from the people at Pampas Plains. If you fancy some heart of rump (that delectable cut of steak not always so readily available in supermarkets), a few beef ribs or a hunk of sirloin roast, this is the place to go.

We tried out a selection of Pampas Plains steaks including the often elusive heart of rump, which was full of flavour and looked beautiful in its glistening deep red, raw form. We also got through sizeable amounts of fillet (soft and tender as it should be), sirloin (tasty and butch) and rib-eye (my personal favourite, full of beefy, juicy flavour). There's something seriously satisfying about slapping a slab of steak down onto a chopping board, doing it justice with some seasoning and searing it on a high heat, before carving up slivers of juicy pink Argentine beef for your dining pleasure.

You can also order Patagonian lamb, seafood, sauces, wine and beer from Pampas Plains' website, but let's face it, the first port of call will always be about the beef. Fillet steak is priced at around £65.84/kg, 2 x 8oz rump steaks are priced at around £14.61 and 1 x 12oz sirloin steak is priced at around £14.63.

For more information and to purchase Pampas Plains Argentine steak, visit:

**Reviewed by:** Helenka Bednar