Peyton and Byrne Chocolate

Peyton and Byrne Chocolate

Self-confessed chocoholic Oliver Peyton has put his passion for all things British into chocolate, creating a delicious range of Peyton and Byrne chocolate bars in a host of exciting flavours.

Each rich bar has a high cocoa content, with the dark chocolates containing 70% cocoa solids and even the milk chocolate boasting 40%. Flavoured using quintessentially British ingredients such as elderflower and toffee, these new bars of chocolate are unusual and seductive.

Cornish Sea Salt Milk Chocolate is a complex combination of salty and sweet while the Marmalade Dark Chocolate tastes rich and velvety with a tangy hint of orange. My favourites were the English Rose Milk Chocolate (a delicate and evocative flavour similar to Turkish delight), and the Elderflower Dark Chocolate, which had a sweet, floral citrus note.

The gorgeous packaging makes this chocolate an attractive gift as well as a treat for yourself. Elegant cream wrap carries the iconic Peyton and Byrne branding, with different coloured rosettes conveying the flavour of each bar.

The chocolate bars are priced from £1.60 and are available at Peyton and Byrne Bakeries. From the end of July 2010 you will also be able to purchase Peyton and Byrne chocolate bars online at

**Written by:** Carine Seitz