Pomegreat Super Juice Drink

Pomegreat have come up with a carton full of the mouth-watering juice of eight pomegranates. If you've ever bought a pomegranate with the intention of coaxing the luscious fruity pips of goodness out from the tight grip of the fruit's shell, you might just be as relieved as we are at to reach for a carton of the stuff.

The Pomegranate fruit looks as inviting as it tastes, but there are logisistical difficulties when it comes to eating the fruit inside. If, like us you've attempted this, you might have found yourself splattered in pomegranate juice (which tastes great) but sadly gets nowhere near your mouth. If you've also dared to attempt this whilst sitting at your desk at work, your colleagues might be forgiven for suspecting that a murder has occurred near by as they lie witness to the 3-metre wide expanse of desk space that is covered in blood-red liquid.

What a relief the to find that Pomegreat have done the legwork for us and squeezed the juice into the carton themselves (goodness knows what their office looks like). It's refreshing as a drink in its own right, but also lends itself well as a cocktail mixer and tastes fabulous mixed with vodka or sparkling wine.

Besides it tasting light and lovely on the palette it also helps to reduce cholesterol and contains half of the vitamins A, C and E that you need daily. Tasty and good for you. Yum.