Red Sky crisps

Red Sky crisps

If you love a good crisp and like to make a bit of a difference whilst you sit there crunching your way through a packet, Red Sky crisps are worth a taste. Available in four flavours: Anglesey Sea Salt, West Country Bacon & Cream Cheese, Sour Cream & Green Herbs and Roasted Red Pepper & Lime, these crisps fall into the ‘very decent snack’ category. We tried all four flavours and got particularly attached to the West Country Bacon & Cream Cheese packet. Lovely, crisp and crunchy, Red Sky crisps taste very moreish and the range is flavoured using only natural ingredients. That’s pretty evident from the great taste, but what you may not know is that for every bag you buy, Red Sky will link up with Cool Earth and protect a patch of Rainforest.

If you purchase a 40g bag, a 5ft squared patch of Rainforest will be preserved, whilst a 150g bag will protect 10ft squared. So clearly, when you’re deciding between the small bag or the large bag, you can buy the bag with no guilty feelings whatsoever, because you are quite simply saving more of the planet. Moral of this story? Eat crisps and save the world.

Priced at £1.59 per 150g bag and £0.59 per 40g bag.

For more information on Cool Earth, visit: