Roasted Mediterranean Vegetable Tarts from Higgidy Pies

Roasted Mediterranean Vegetable Tarts from Higgidy Pies


Higgidy Pies look reassuringly like something you could have made yourself. The ingredients are not arranged in a mechanically pristine fashion, and the sprinkling of chopped vegetables that top the pies are not all scarily precise in shape, but show in their uneven edges, the loving workmanship of the Higgidy chefs who make the Higgidy Pies by hand in their Shoreham-by-Sea kitchens. 

Higgidy aim to make pies using simple ingredients that you’d be likely to have in your kitchen. They also use seasonal ingredients, and this new Roasted Mediterranean Vegetable Tart from Higgidy is on the summer menu. The pie-makers have endeavoured to bring the taste of the Mediterranean into our kitchens (and succeeded), allowing us Brits, so hungry for summer, to savour the taste of the summer holidays. Fresh vegetables, cheeses and Mediterranean yumminess are enveloped by pie crust in these tarts. 

You can taste the quality of the ingredients in these pies, and their contrasting ingredients work well: the sweetness of the peppers and onions, complemented by the courgette and feta. Higgidy's pies are not all Mediterranean - part of the thought behind Higgidy Pies when the company began in 2003, was that pies were an underrated part of British cuisine. Even in these Mediterranean tarts however, you can taste the Britishness. Perhaps it’s the white sauce, perhaps it’s the expertise of the British chefs that make them, but there is no doubt that while these tarts recall the flavours of the Med, they’ve also got that squidgy British wholesomeness to them.

The tarts come in packs of two, and are available in Sainsbury’s and Waitrose, and from Ocado, prices at £3.49 for a pack of two. For more information see the Higgidy Pie website.

**Written by:** Emily Boyd