Rodda’s crème fraîche

Rodda’s crème fraîche

The family that has been making renowned Cornish Clotted Cream since 1890 have now launched a decadent crème fraîche.

Rodda’s crème fraîche is made with a unique blend of West Cornwall milk from Jersey, Guernsey and Friesian cows, giving it a rich creamy texture that rivals effortlessly with the traditional crème fraîche of Normandy in France.

This little pot of luxuriously thick and velvety crème fraîche is a brilliantly versatile ingredient in the kitchen. I managed to step up a potato salad to a whole other level of taste and texture with a couple of dollops of this soft and subtly tart crème fraîche. The slightly sour flavour will also lend itself wonderfully to rich savoury sauces, soups and casseroles, as well as adding a decadent dimension to dips, dressings, quiches and tarts. The sinful creaminess of it makes it a less-sweet accompaniment to desserts and puddings.

Rodda’s crème fraîche is available from Waitrose stores nationwide from the 17th August 2009 with an SRRP of 85p for 200g. (For three weeks it will be on promotion with a trial price of 43p).