Russian Standard Gold Vodka

Russian Standard Gold Vodka


This is a truly special bottle of vodka before it has even been opened. The bottle comes nested in an embossed gold treasure box, that looks like something that might have been smuggled out of a royal Russian palace during the revolution. When you open the box, the bottle is resting against the background of a curved, gold backdrop giving the vodka a regal shimmer.

Russian Standard Gold Vodka is made using the formula of Dmitri Mendeleev, the 19th century Russian scientist who, as well as crating this ultimate formula for vodka, also created the first version of the periodic table. The vodka is made using first class Russian ingredients and blended with pure glacial waters from Laka Ladoga.

"Remarkable clarity and exceptional taste” and “vigour and vitality” due to the “carefully selected ginseng extracts” it holds, are the words promised on the packaging. It's written in Russian first, and English underneath, giving the impression that yes, even real Russians enjoy Russian Gold Standard, and that it’s not just some rubbish they sell overseas.

It's the kind of bottle that discerning vodka-drinking types drink at home. The flavour of this vodka holds its own in cocktails, and its slight sweetness is even discernable through the thick and various flavours of a Bloody Mary. Russian Standard Gold is available in Selfridges, and in selected branches of Asda priced at £20.00 for a 70cl bottle. For more information visit the Russian Standard Vodka website.

**Written by:** Emily Boyd