Salter Professional Carving Set

Salter Professional Carving Set

Salter has been in the housewares industry for almost 250 years and in addition to scales and other kitchenalia, their range of knives are designed for use by leading chefs. Made from hardened high carbon German stainless steel for superior strength and durability, they are guaranteed for life.

The carving set, comprising of a knife and large double-pronged fork has precision grip handles made from a material called Sanotprene. This has an almost rubbery feel which aids grip even with wet hands. The blade of the knife is long and sleek and perfectly sized for carving a joint of roast meat – it cut through a chicken like butter.

The Professional Carving Set has a RRP of £40 and is available from various high street stores. For further information on the range of Salter products available visit:

**Written by:** Carine Seitz