Screwpull Pink Range (Limited edition)

Screwpull Pink Range (Limited edition)

Screwpull have launched their limited edition Pink range of bottle accessories. The range includes a foil cutter, cork catcher and corkscrew and has been designed with women in mind.

Despite the delicate rose-coloured appearance of this set of drinks tools, they have been designed to be sturdy enough to open bottle after bottle.

The foil cutter with its ergonmonic mushroom shape fits easily onto the top of a wine bottle. Push down and twist, and there you have one bottle neck undressed and ready for opening. A great little gadget that puts an end to scrabbling around with your nails.

The bottle opener has been designed to fit standard bottles and those with a flanged rim around the top. The self-pulling corkscrew system makes opening a bottle a pretty easy affair.

And last but not least, the cork catcher - a great idea that ensures no-one in the room will walk away with a black eye when you're opening a bottle of bubbly. This gadget fits snugly over the top of your bottle of sparkling stuff. Give it a twist to release the cork and you'll still be able to applaud that great popping sound without worrying about who you've taken out in the mean time. Also minimises the chances of tripping over the cork the following morning as this clever design will catch your cork for you.

A great range of drinking gadgets for the style conscious drinker with a fun pink design and sleek packaging. A great present for women who love to drink in style.