Seabrook crisps

Seabrook crisps come in a range of traditional flavours along with some quirkier flavours to liven up your potato chip. They have also changed their ingredients, with their entire crisp range now 100% MSG free and suitable for vegetarians.

Flavours include traditional favourites such as Cheese & Onion, Sea Salt & Black Pepper and Beef. Seabrook's quirkier flavours include Canadian Ham and Garlic flavour which we thought were particularly tasty here at

Mr 'C' Brook first opened his famous Fish & Chips restaurant in Bradford. After the Second World War Seabrook crisps made their debut on the same site and Seabrook crisps have been making it onto the shelves ever since.

Seabrook are dedicated to using healthy ingredients across their range, resulting in a clean and tasty crisp that doesn't leave your mouth feeling greasy. Pass us another packet...