Squires Kitchen macaroon mix

Squires Kitchen macaroon mix


Cupcakes were the new black, but macaroons are the new cupcake. Squires Kitchen macaroon mix couldn’t be easier to use - it is literally a case of just add water. Once water has been added, and the mix has been piped carefully onto a baking tray, and the trays have been put in the oven for 15 minutes, out come macaroon halves as shiny as those from Ladurée.

The mix comes in bags of 250g, and each pack should make 18 macaroons. This depends on what size macaroons you are making of course, but the mix is best suited to making small macaroons (making larger ones can end up being slightly too dense). The mix is plain but can be flavoured and coloured as you so desire, and Squires Kitchen sell their own brand of food dye too.

The instructions on the packet seem almost too simple, but follow them just as they are. Adhere to their unexplained instructions such as cooking the macaroons on a baking tray on top of another baking tray, and you too will be making the macaroon magic happen.

If you have friends who fancy themselves as budding pasty chefs then this mix is a great present. If you have friends who love macaroons, then impress them with your own skills as a pastry chef (with a little help from Squires Kitchen, obviously!). The only thing Squire’s Kitchen don’t provide is the gourmet presentation box!

**Written by:** Emily Boyd