Tea Horse’s monthly tea subscription

Tea Horse's monthly tea subscription

Morning, noon and after dinner, we Brits drinks tea like it's going out of fashion. The **UK Tea Council** (yes there really is such a thing) provides bags of facts about the stuff - did you know for example, that it’s been the UK’s favourite drink since the 18th century?

Bringing a modern element of relaxation and sophistication to brews, **Tea Horse** have a clever business model for die hard tea lovers: customers sign up to receive monthly tea parcels (priced at £11.95), each containing four packets of loose leaf teas. The tea arrives stylishly packaged in a brown, card board box, with four sachets of tea nestled in white tissue paper, each about the size of a greetings card. We tried the Summer Tea collection. The first of the teas to be put to the taste test was the delicate-tasting Temi 1st Flush, a perfect, light blend for afternoon sipping, heralding from the mountainous corners of Sikkim. Contrastingly, the charmingly-named Dong Ding Oolong was a truly unusual tea: strong and smoky, the blend comes from Taiwan’s Dong Ding mountain, and puts builder’s tea firmly in its place. Also from China, the Yunnan Black Superior was a strong, charismatic blend, well suited to waking up sleepy eyes and dozy palates. The favourite of the selection however was the Summer Strawberry. Unlike the fruity infusions available in supermarkets, this tea blends black tea with strawberry and calendula for a tea with a natural sweetness.

The teas are accompanied by information on each blend, which provides some educational tea-time reading, and for those with a taste for adventure, the Tea Horse website provides recipes for **tea cocktails**, **iced blends**, and more. All Tea Horse’s blends are available to purchase on their own, so when the last leaves of a favourite delivery are brewed, more are just a few clicks away. There are many more fascinating blends available, such as Chocolate Peppermint, and their Punch Blend No.1, for giving tea a kick and a twist. Tea Horse's deliveries make tea breaks at work far more interesting, and they also make particularly thoughtful presents for tea-loving pals. Just in case you're wondering about how much tea you should be drinking, The British Tea Council has another fact at the ready for tea fans: drinking 4 cups of tea per day is good for the health. They even go so far as recommending it. Put the kettle on someone.

Tea Horse's monthly tea parcels are priced at £11.95. For more information about Tea Horse, please visit: ****

**Written by:** Emily C Boyd