The Wild Geese Classic Blend

The Wild Geese Classic Blend

Whiskey wouldn’t be whiskey if it didn’t come with a great story. Distilleries are often steeped in the history of their area and can trace their lineage of eccentric owners and escapades back through the years. The Wild Geese Irish whiskeys have taken their name from a true story. As people left Ireland, preferring not to live under English rule following the Battle of the Boyne and the Treaty of Limerick, they took the name, ‘The Wild Geese’, as they migrated. This range of whiskeys has opened up the name, The Wild Geese, for anyone with a little Irish in them, wherever they may now find themselves!

Produced using a blend of malt and grain whiskies, aged in barrels previously used for maturing bourbon, the Wild Geese Classic Blend is pale gold, fresh and sweet on the nose, with a pleasant warmth and notes of grain. It would be an ideal whisky to use in a hot toddy or a cocktail, and The Wild Geese website lists a variety of recipe suggestions. During those winter months, settling in with a warm, spicy toddy sounds like the perfect way to keep out the cold.

The Wild Geese range has only recently launched in the UK, so you may not find it in your local drinks shop or supermarket yet. However, it is available online at The Drink Shop, where a 50cl bottle of Classic Blend retails at £19.79, and through a growing list of retailers, detailed on The Wild Geese website.

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**Reviewed by:** Greta Hughson