Trealy Farm charcuterie

Trealy Farm charcuterie

I first tried Trealy Farm's charcuterie when I tucked into a butcher's block starter at the St Pancras Grand restaurant in London. I couldn't quite believe that the charcuterie I was eating was entirely British, but it was, and it was some of the best I'd ever tasted.

Trealy Farm make their charcuterie both in Monmouthshire and across the UK. They combine traditional methods of curing, smoking and air-drying with innovation and technology inspired by training with charcuteries makers across Europe. Their range includes air-dried products rarely made in the UK such as chorizo, air-dried ham, loin and pancetta and a range of salami including a lightly smoked snack-sized ‘snack salami’ and cabanos.

Trealy won the Meat Product award at the Wales True Taste Awards 2008 for their Trealy Fennel Sausage and have since teamed up with Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall to create a charcuterie medley exclusive to River Cottage. The Cracked Black Pepper Salami and Fennel Chorizo Salami are exclusive to River Cottage, made with the finest meat from Trealy Farm's own traditional breed pigs and from Maurice Trumper's prize winning pedigree Saddlebacks from Pantybeilau Farm at Llanvair Kilgeddin. All of their animals come from small, much loved herds and are kept to a consistently high standard. They are fed natural feeds and are free-range for as much of the year as possible.

We absolutely love their range here at - their chorizo tastes beautifully soft and full of flavour, whilst their coppa and lomo leave your mouth revelling in pleasurable disbelief at the concept that these high quality morsels of charcuterie have been created on UK soil.

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**Reviewed by:** Helenka Bednar