Tree teas

These eco-friendly little boxes of tea will lighten your day with their blend of tree leaves, flower petals and herbs all wrapped up in 100% recyclable packaging.

The team behind tea trees are passionate about making great teas to boost your health and well being whilst making sure the planet prospers too. There are three main tea flavours in their range; Beauty, Love and Freedom all of which come in little boxes emblazoned with comical notes about their benefits.

"Beauty" is made up of a simple blend of birch tree leaves, ash tree leaves and peppermint to cleanse the skin and calm the stomach. It tastes refreshingly light - an easy tea to sip without too many flavours clamouring for attention. “Tea to make you beautiful” states the message on the box of tea bags – well I didn’t turn into Cameron Diaz overnight, but it tasted as though it was doing my insides some good. Very drinkable too which makes consuming the whole box of teabags a decidedly pleasurable experience.

”Love” has been created from a blend of hawthorn, red rose petals, dandelion and lavender for their intoxicating, aphrodisiac qualities. A more complex bunch of flavours here, which give off a subtle scent of cinnamon with a warning on the packet that “drinking this tea may lead to inappropriate behaviour”. Certainly perks you up but that’s all I’m prepared to divulge…

”Freedom” is a feisty blend of ash tree leaves, hawthorn, rosemary and St Johns Wort – a “subtle but powerful. Blended for the silent warrior within”. The rosemary wins over your nose in this blend while the other flavours offer up a calming tea that strengthens your digestion leaving you with plenty of energy to go and pour another cup. Tree teas are lovely little teas to feed your sense of humour as well as your soul.