Twekkelo Farmhouse Yogurts

Twekkelo Farmhouse Yogurts


I don’t know about you, but I’ve never really got yogurt. No matter what you do to it, it still has that distinctively sour taste. Sure, you could have yogurt on your strawberries, but wouldn’t you rather have cream? And yes, you could have a frozen-yogurt, but you know it’s not going to hit the same spot as a real ice-cream. This is not so with Twekkelo!

Twekkelo Yogurts are unlike any yogurts you’ll have tasted. They are rich and creamy, and if they didn’t say “Farmhouse Yogurt” in big blue letters on the pot, you could easily mistake them for something desperately unhealthy and naughty. As it is, however, Twekkelo Farmhouse Yogurts are healthy, and with just 3.3-3.4% fat, not in the least bit naughty for a 500g tub.

These tasty tubs come in three fruity flavours:

  • Black Cherry
  • Forest Fruit
  • Apple & Cinnamon

Twekkelo yogurt is made by a small family company in Holland who don’t use artificial ingredients and preservatives. This really shows in the fruit which tastes like fresh fruit, and not some syrupy, sugar-laden compote. The yogurts are packaged in charming little plastic bucket, complete with handles. Each bucket has a drawing of the fruit on the front, and an enticing layer of pink or golden-green fruit can be seen peeping up at you from the bottom of the containers.

So delicious, so charmingly presented, so healthy… surely these pots of perfection must come at quite a price? Not so. 500g pots cost just £1.65, and are available at Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Ocado, and Booths. Not all flavours are available at all stores, but the Apple and Cinnamon (which in my opinion is the yummiest) is available in all.

They’re great with muesli in the morning, they’re great all day long on their own. Tewkkelo yorgurts put Fruit Corners well and truly in the corner. Once you’ve stuck your spoon into a Twekkelo Farmhouse Yogurt pot, you’ll be hooked.

**Reviewed by:** Emily Boyd