Winona’s Fresh Organic homebaking range

Winona’s Fresh Organic homebaking range


There are few things in life that are more magical than the smell of home baked cookies and cakes wafting through the house. And now thanks to Winona’s fresh organic range of goodies, it doesn’t matter how busy or lazy you are, with minimum effort you can have yourself a tray of warm, mouth-watering treats! Choose from Winona’s new dry baking mixes; Classic Chocolate Cupcake, California Poppy Shortcake and Cherry Sunrise Scone - all of which are dead simple to make. You just mix in the wet ingredients and put it in the oven. Not only do the cakes taste yummy but they also look great (no-one would ever know it was a pre-mix!). As well as the baking mixes, you can indulge in (my personal favourite), the chilled cookie dough’s, that come in three flavours; Twisted Oats & Raisins, Grandma’s Ginger Buttons and Cheery Cherry Chocolate Chip. You just twist a lump off, roll it into a ball and bang it in the oven for 10 minutes and voila, the heady smell of cookies instantly warms up your house and brings a smile to your face!

I must warn you though, that the dough’s are pretty tasty and addictive uncooked, but resist temptation to eat the whole pack, as they are even more delicious baked! Then there is the ready to bake wheat free, Midnight Chocolate Sin torte, which is definitely (as opposed to almost) too good to share. It has a fantastic crispy top that hides a rich, chocolaty, fudge-like cake underneath. I didn't even bother slicing it up, I just ate it straight from the tray - it was that good! (It’s certainly no surprise that its been awarded two Taste Award stars). Winona’s organic range of products, are not only convenient and fun for kids and adults alike, but they don’t compromise on flavour, texture or quality ingredients. So now there is no excuse not to get baking.

The doughs and torte are available from Ocado. Pricing as follows: Grandmas Ginger Buttons £2.99, Twisted Oats and Raisin £2.99, Cheery Chocolate Cherry £3.59 and Chocolate Sin Torte £4.99. The baking mixes will be launched in Ocado in October. For more information visit

**Written by:** Leila Sarraf