Ruinart Miller Harris afternoon tea

Ruinart Miller Harris afternoon tea


Mayfair, London

Bruton Street

Miller Harris flagship store,

Slip out of Bond Street tube, past the overspill of Oxford Street's hardcore shoppers, and head for Bruton Street. There, twinkling amongst the Christmas lights is the Miller Harris perfume house. Ordinarily the shop boasts its famed array of botanical print-wrapped scents, but from Wednesdays to Fridays you can indulge in the Ruinart Miller Harris afternoon tea, as well as a little retail therapy.

Lounging back against the plush upholstery (showcasing Miller Harris's signature print), afternoon tea here is the indulgent way to take the edge off that jam-packed Christmas shopping spree. Glasses of Ruinart Blanc des Blancs were placed down on our table, the soft bubbles whetting our appetite for luxury. Once we ordered our pots of Bergamot tea, a plateful of cakes designed by Primrose Bakery were set down in front of us, and the true girliness of afternoon tea set in. Mouthfuls of lemon cake and fizz seem designed to go together. That's certainly the thinking behind Lyn Harris's cake and champagne pairings for this slice of afternoon tea. Used to working her way through countless scents and mixes throughout her 16-year career in the fragrance industry, Harris found that tasting champagne was surprisingly similar. After a trip to the Ruinart cellars in Reims, she discovered that blending wasn't an art restricted to creating the perfect fragrance.

*I was deeply inspired by what I experienced at Ruinart as there are so many parallels between winemaking and perfumery. After years of training to become a perfumer, it’s second nature for me to analyse and dissect complex smells and aromas,” *says Harris.

*Choosing flavours to compliment and accentuate the notes in the Blanc de Blancs was a fascinating process. I was inspired by how many layers the champagne revealed, both on the nose and the palate. Selecting tea and cakes to accompany this beautiful champagne was a feast for all the senses.”*

The Ruinart afternoon tea at Miller Harris doesn't extend to sandwiches and scones, so bear in mind that this is more of a decadent light bite, than a side-splitting feast. Think, stylish sugar rush and you have just the antidote to all the hustle and bustle that comes with shopping until you drop.

Ruinart Miller Harris afternoon tea currently runs from Wednesday to Friday, from 3pm – 6pm. Priced at £19.00 per person.

**The Ruinart afternoon tea: **The Tea Room (at the Miller Harris flagship store, Bruton St, Mayfair, London, W1J 6QD. Tel: 020 7629 7750.

**Reviewer: **Helenka Bednar