30-second Q&A with Rachael Bermingham from ‘4 Ingredients’

With the count down to Christmas beginning we get some simple tips from one of the Aussie ladies behind the '4 Ingredients' phenomenon.

30-second Q&A with Rachael Bermingham from ‘4 Ingredients’

Christmas is full of greats: great fun, great friends and family, with any luck great gifts. It’s also full of great feasts that require a lot of preparation. **** spoke to Rachael Bermingham, co-author of the '4 Ingredients' cookbooks that have become a ‘must have’ addition to households all over Australia.

The '4 Ingredients' principle is to keep it simple. No more than 4 ingredients per recipe, clear instructions that anyone can follow and no complicated tools. All you need is “a cup, a teaspoon and a tablespoon.” It was an idea that Rachael and her friend and co-author Kim McCosker came up with, whilst supervising Rachael’s son’s first birthday party. The book has now sold over 2 million copies in Australia and has risen to the top of the cookbook charts. The duo now have three titles in their book range, including a gluten-free edition.

**Q:** **What type of cook are you around Christmas time – shouty Gordon Ramsay or calm Nigella Lawson?
A:** Neither I'm more of a casual Jamie Oliver. I'm a very chilled out home body.

**Q: Has Christmas changed for you since your success with the books?
A:** I have heaps more awesome cocktail food and recipes to whip up now - the hard part is in choosing which ones to make - they're all so delicious AND quick and easy! 4 Ingredient cooking makes light work of any Chrissie Day meal. 

**Q: You and Kim have recently returned from a tour of the ****UK****. Can you narrow down a favourite moment from the trip?**
**A:** There were so many! Most memorable was a book signing at Piccadilly Square. Most fun was letting off firecrackers on Guy Fawkes Day. Favourite day was when we visited Cambridge - it is so beautiful. 

**Q: What foods did you try when you were in the ****UK**** that you can’t get in Oz?
A:** I had a good old English pub Yorkshire pudding and Kim also had a traditional Irish Guinness pie while we were in Dublin.

**Q: What dish makes your Christmas special?
A:** Lots and lots of fresh, juicy and cool seafood - we live on the Sunshine Coast in Australia so we enjoy 30 degree heat, cool seafood and lots of dips in the pool.

Try the '4 Ingredients' alternative to a complicated Christmas pud this Christmas. 

**Written by:** Anne Giacomantonio